Afghan Selection

  The oldest dry sift hashish culture we know of is based in Afghanistan with Balkh city as epicenter. In this context, The Afghan Selection born as two hashish-in and local aficionados with over 50 years combined total experience who has put together some of the most amazing collection of Afghan landraces for everyone to enjoy and experience. Here you'll find everything that Afghanistan has to offer in cannabis. From short and fast flowering classic afghani indicas to some with longer flowering.

The intense and profound aromas from Afghan genepool are renowned in the cannabis world. Everything from citrus, grapefruit, diesel, earthy, pistachios, skunk and mango. The terpene profiles and effects of these ancient landraces are very clean, strong and long lasting compared to many new strains. The colours of these landraces are very impressive with a wide range of tones, from dark green to pink, red and black.

If you are a hash lover or an enthusiast grower of pure ancient Afghan landraces, then this Afghan Selection collection is made for you!

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