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Hybrid between the 10th generation Panama Goddess and our most potent, psychedelic and high yielding Thai dominant Golden Tiger mothers.

This 100% sativa hybrid follows in the wake of our development of super powerful and high yielding sativa hybrids between Malawi and Panama, where Golden Tiger's Thai genetics adds even more trippy effects if possible.

The yield of Golden Tiger x Panama is simply stunning, forming giant and wide colas with excellent flower/leaf ratio and exuberant final reflowerings that mean this hybrid has the potential to produce our most extremely high yields, exceeding even the Killer A5 Haze, Malawi x Panama and the Panama x Malawi limited edition in this aspect.

A feminized limited edition, available while stock lasts.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Feminized
Sativa / Indica ratio 100 % sativa
THC 21-26 %
CBD 0.2 %
CBG 1.1 %
Flowering indoors 11-12 weeks
Flowering outdoors End of October / Early November
Yield Very High
Resistance against spider mites Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew Average-High
Resistance against botrytis Very high
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold Average-High
Resistance against heat High
Latitude 0º-43º
Genetics Golden Tiger x 10th generation elite Panama Goddess.
Structure Pure sativa structure, vigorous and well-branched, but manageable and without excessive stretching.
Bouquet Organic/rotten, with citric and incensey Panama's touches.
High Trippy, complex and accelerated effect of boundless power. Mentally and physically very profound and long lasting.
Terpene profile It has not yet been analyzed.
Growing Tips It can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and with enough space for its development. We recommend to switch her into flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days. We recommend 11 (light)/13 (darkness) photoperiod for the flowering indoors, in order to boost the flowering, and to avoid reflowerings or excessive stretching in early flowering.

Very suitable for SOG crops due to its great yield in the main cola, or for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

Outdoors, it is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation in tropical or subtropical climates, although it can be cultivated with very good results in warm coastal climates of mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean) up to latitudes close to 43º.

We recommend moderate levels of nutrients for the growing stage, increasing to high or very high at the maximum peak of floral production.

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