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Haze is the most important sativa in the recent history of marijuana breeding, which has nevertheless been crossed indiscriminately with indica strains by most seedbanks in the last 3 decades, until disappearing in her original form of extreme tropical pure sativa, losing that sativa psychoactivity that made her world famous.

That is why at ACE Seeds (after receiving in 2004 a batch of old pure Haze seeds) we worked for years to rescue her in all its original essence, a strain we call Oldtimer’s Haze (in honor of the British breeder who donated her to us), recognized in all the world as one of the very few high quality pure Haze seed lines currently available, being able to find Green Haze phenotypes, as well as the almost extinct Purple Haze. With Oldtimer’s Haze we have bred excellent Haze hybrids with strong sativa influence, such as Green Honduras Haze, Haze x Kali China, Panama Haze, Purple Haze x Malawi or Purple Honduras Haze.

Our Haze breeding projects have recently expanded by being able to access to the legendary Haze elite clones that Nevil Schoenmakers bred and selected in the late 80s, and which were the parental plants used to breed the best Haze hybrids in history in the 80s / 90s, and that we are including in our latest breeding projects, such as in the new super sativa hybrids Killer A5 Haze and Super Malawi Haze, fruit of our collaboration with Yo Sammy, member of the small group of growers from South Holland who have preserved these old school Dutch elite Haze hybrids for almost 3 decades.