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Arghandab, Kandahar (Farm #2). Lat : 31 44’ ’N 65 45 ’E. Altitude: 1000-1200 meters.

The majority of the farms in Kandahar have a diverse looking, hap hazard mix of just about every expression but still mainly dominated by the broad leaf short statured plants. These farms usually work in 2 different ways, where either they let everything cross pollinate in the field regardless of characteristics or say without artificially selecting or attempting to narrow down anything in particular, which results in a diverse looking population overtime. While a yet another way some farms manage their crops here in Arghandab District is by importing seeds from either Northern Plains or Hindu Kush regions to grow alongside the seeds they made last season, this is perhaps one of the most favoured options in places like Kandahar where the chillum house culture is a lot more prevalent compared to the Northern provinces.

The soil around the Arghandab district is highly calcareous, typically featuring an avg. ph of above 7.0, yet the local microbiology of soil seems to help the plant to still be able to take up nutrients in a seamless and profuse manner, which translates in the form of tremendous overall growth. The glacial streams also plays an important role in supplying the trace minerals to the soil, which are typically transported as the water travels down into the valley, although farmers do fertilize their own fields with cow dung manure on an annual basis before sowing the seeds for cannabis, tomatoes, eggplants, squash, etc ...

At the farm #2 in the Arghandab District, the farmer who doesn’t select for any particular characteristics and collects seeds at random from all the healthy plants for the next season. As a result his crops seems to have a ton of variability amongst the physical embodiment and features of the overall population, such as leaf shape, texture, broadness, over all structure including lateral branching, amount of stretch, flowering duration, etc ...

This crop was documented at the beginning of November at the peak of its flowering, thriving strongly and unaffected by the cold, where it expressed intense reddish and violet tones, along with very musky, perfumed and spicy (cloves, cinnamon bark and coriander) aromas, pine needles too.

The intra-population diversity we had identified and documented in the farm #2 could also be seen through the various different ways the plants were flowering in, with a number of different shades and shapes. Mostly the plants had acquired a short squat structure but one of the common themes amongst them all were the huge and chunky buds shooting up like missiles from a silo.

The resin production was about par but not extraordinary, although the smells coming off of those buds were extremely intense and the resin imparts an absolute blinder of a high, which is definitely not recommended for the casual users. The effects from this crop were extremely sedative in nature and couch lock inducing. This type of intense medicinal effects could potentially be useful for conditions like pain and insomnia.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Standard
Sativa / Indica ratio 100 % indica
Flowering indoors 11-13 weeks
Flowering outdoors November
Yield Average-High
Resistance against spider mites Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew Average
Resistance against botrytis Average
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold High
Resistance against heat High
Latitude 0º-45º
Genetics First generation pure indica landrace from Manar, Ghazni, Afghanistan.
Structure Small-compact plants, quite variable in terms of branching, stretching and type of leaf, depending on the individual.
Bouquet Very musky, perfumed and spicy (cloves, cinnamon bark and coriander) aromas, pine needles too.
High Not recommended for the casual user. The effects from this crop are extremely sedative in nature and couch lock inducing. These type of intense medicinal effects could potentially be useful for conditions like pain and insomnia.
Terpene profile It has not yet been analyzed.

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