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Using Romulan Genetics' clone cut F1 Romulan female (kept alive and in our family since the 90's), crossing it to our male Romulan F4 that we use for breeding here we made our newest version of Romulan with the "BX1".

The goal was to slightly improve both versions while meshing them together in one cultivar. The result is beyond our expectations. If you've grown our reg seed Romulan, clone cut, or S1 seeds, these are better in every way. Some ways it's subtle, but others are quite drastic.

Romulan is extremely potent, with an excellent trichome production. Excellent bag appeal, and is very pungent.

It is a very easy strain to grow overall, fairly resistant to most issues growers deal with.
Her tastes and smells are made of primarily pine and skunk, with several undertones and notes of eucalyptus, mint, sandalwood, earthy, spicy, peppery, hash, and a hint of citrus.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Standard
Sativa / Indica ratio 70 % indica / 30 % sativa
Flowering indoors 10 weeks
Flowering outdoors Early to mid October
Yield Average-High
Resistance against spider mites High
Resistance against powder mildew High
Resistance against botrytis Average-High
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold Very high
Resistance against heat Very high
Latitude 0º-45º
Genetics (Thai x Mexican x Colombian x Afghani) x Colombian.
Structure Single apical with secondaries forming a table top style structure. Good inter-nodal spacing.
Bouquet Pine, Skunk, earthy, spicy, peppery, mint, hash, and citrus.
High Extremely potent, well balanced. No anxiety or paranoia. Ceiling-less strain (little to no tolerance). Excellent medicinal potential against depression, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD.
Terpene profile It has not yet been analyzed.
Growing Tips An easy grow for any level or experience, both indoors and outdoors. Not picky, and doesnt need much attention.

Grows typically on the average side, with single apical and a table top style structure.

Will require filters if you are concerned with smells during flowering.

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