packs de semillas



In order to guarantee the correct conservation of the seeds and maximize the viability of germination, the seeds are preserved in hygienic conditions at a constant temperature of 4ºC. The levels of humidity are low and constant too.

The seeds are selected by hand, one by one, in hygienic and clean conditions. They are selected after proving their color and size. Each one is pressed in order to make sure that the embryo of the seed is already mature.

For orders sent in original packaging, the seeds are introduced in a transparent tube of rigid plastic to avoid the seeds being crushed during the delivery process.

ACE Seeds reserves the rights to send our seeds or other seedbanks´ seeds being sold in our website without its original packaging.

ACE Seeds also reserves the rights to use any type of packaging that we think is the most suitable for your order. We are doing our best to make sure your order arrives to you safely. Please be rest assured that the seeds you receive from us are the same quality as those being sent in the original packaging.