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Zenith Feminized



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This complex super-sativa is the zenith in our refinement of sativa hybrids. Its legendary lineage perfectly sums up our 20 years of fine breeding work with some of the best tropical sativas on the planet: Malawi and Zamal from the African continent, Panama from Central America, and Thai from South East Asia, combining in this complex sativa variety in an exquisitely balanced and perfectly symphonic way.

Not surprisingly, this state-of-the-art sativa probably produces the most beautiful and refined (in terms of terpenes and quality of effects) sativa flowers in our catalogue. The buds are huge, wide and pyramidal, dense and meaty, with an exceptional flower-to-leaf ratio, very highly resinous, and in many cases with pistils bristling in a spiral shape like a jellyfish.

The delicious sweet, floral, fruity and candy-like terpenes from our F1 elite Zamaldelica combine in equal parts with the unmistakable and powerful lemony, hashish and incense background of our 10th generation Panama Goddess, both also contributing exotic musky perfumes.

There are 2 main phenotypes, well differentiated and at the extremes. The first phenotype produces compact sativa plants, with hardly any stretch in flowering, overflowing buds and mind-blowing yields/m2, which produce a strong long-lasting energetic effect, this phenotype being the best expression of euphoric sativa in our catalogue that matures in only 9 weeks (in terms of production, potency, and quality of effects and terpenes).

While this first 9-week compact phenotype is a great one, it is in the second phenotype that the plants reach an even higher level of intensity, complexity and quality of resins, effects and terpenes. With an elegant, balanced and refined high, producing an incredible Zen-like sativa experience, and ‘gourmet quality’ terpene profiles that are hard to beat.

Plants of the second phenotype are clearly differentiated by being much more vigorous, tall and columnar, with long nodes and strong stretching in the first weeks of flowering. Flowering reaches 11-12 weeks, producing successive generous reflowerings that build up to form colas of almost architectural proportions, daubed with extremely sticky resins.

And while the production/m2 of the first phenotype is unbeatable in 9 weeks of flowering for very small spaces, the second phenotype offers almost double the yield per plant in larger spaces and with longer growing times.

With its qualities and superb innovative genotype, Zenith is at the forefront of the best ‘new school’ super-sativas developed from scratch and not related to Haze.

Limited edition feminised, available while stocks last.



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Zamaldelica elite F1 x 10th generation Panama Goddess.


Strong, vigorous sativas with powerful branching. The first phenotype is very compact with hardly any stretching, while the second is much taller, columnar and with large internodes.


Delicious, intoxicating and refined aromas: fruit bubblegum (strawberry, passion fruit, mango, ripe orange and sweet lemon), with flower petals, perfume, musk, liqueur, incense, hashish, lavender, lime blossom, jasmine, and hot-spicy touches… all beautifully balanced and in perfect harmony. Elegant and fine smoke on the palate, markedly lemony, fresh, floral, clean and expansive in the compact plants. More complex, creamy, sweet and fruity in the tall plants. In both cases with cream, banana and sweet-spicy touches.


The first phenotype provides at least 3 hours of guaranteed long-lasting energy and motivation, with a clean finish and hardly any degradation. Strong initial energetic and motivating effect of premium quality, with a very cerebral and clean, expansive head high that clears and intensifies perception and senses. Really powerful: it's hard to finish the joint, and after half an hour you're almost climbing the walls, with intense whirlwinds of thoughts and strong physical agitation. An hour later it starts to calm down and becomes psychologically friendlier, warmer and more playful, but still with a lot of drive. Very suitable for daytime use, for work and activities. In contrast, the psychoactivity of the second phenotype is extremely balanced, elegant, pleasant. Clean, centred and focused, warm and positive, creative and motivating as well as relaxing. It provides mental clarity, a sense of well-being and physical lightness (like levitating on cotton wool), expanding and intensifying the senses, with a distinctive healing effect that runs through body, mind and soul.

Terpene profile

Rich and complex terpene profile. Mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high terpinolene content, followed by moderate amounts of alpha and beta pinene, beta myrcene, trans-ocimene, limonene and linalool, with traces of delta 3 carene and alpha terpinene. Sesquiterpenes: moderate content in beta caryophyllene and humulene, and alpha bisabolol, guaiol and trans nerolidol in small amounts.

Growing Tips

Indoors, outstanding results can be achieved in terms of quality and production with a correct and abundant feeding and strong light intensity.

Very suitable for SOG crops due to its great yield in the main cola, or for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

Outdoors, it can be cultivated up to 43º latitude, although it is a variety that works best in climates with hot summers and warm, dry autumn weather, due to the density and size that its flowers can reach.

Moderate to high nutrient levels are recommended throughout the growth period, and high nutrient levels during the explosion of flower production.

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