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At ACE Seeds you can find the best sativa strains on the market, as well as a great variety of landrace strains (sativa and indica), stabilized and inbred cannabis lines, and innovative marijuana hybrids (pure sativa, sativa dominant, sativa/indica and indica dominant hybrids) developed from our preservation and breeding work.

ACE Seeds offers a great variety of high quality marijuana regular seeds, along with a wide range of feminized seeds, without forgetting autoflowering and CBD rich strains.

We are pioneers in offering cannabinoid, terpene and genetic analyses of many ACE Seeds’ strains.

We continously expand and improve our catalog of marijuana varieties, including new landraces, new hybrids and special limited editions.

Beside all the marijuana strains bred by ACE Seeds, we also offer exotic landraces and cannabis strains based on landraces from other seed banks of proven quality.